5 Reasons Why You Should Start Juicing!

Creating fresh juice as part of a well-proportioned, plant-based diet is a significant step towards achieving and sustaining good health. It is also a way to get digestive enzymes usually isolated in the fiber matrix of whole vegetables and fruits.

The majority of commercially available juices are processed and are typically deficient in nutrition, as opposed to freshly juiced vegetables and fruits which are packed with a wealth of minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. Consuming fresh juice can likewise aid us at adopting a healthier eating pattern. For the non-fruit and vegetable eater, including fresh juice can be an effortless way to raise consumption of these vital plant foods for better health and wellness, not to mention achieving weight loss objectives.

Furthermore, juicing can inject some variability to your diet, as you acquire the necessary nutrients from different fruits and vegetables. You can juice at home using a juicer, or go to a juice bar, or even buy freshly squeezed juices at the grocery. Juicing normally needs a machine in order to crush raw fruits and vegetables into a liquid.

Juicing Boosts Absorption of Nutrients

Juicing increases your absorption of the nutrient content found in vegetables and fruits. This is vital since most of us have compromised digestion due to poor food choices over the years. This restricts our body’s capacity to efficiently absorb as much as it can from the vegetables and fruits. Juicing “pre-digests” them for you, so you are less likely to have an upset stomach from the influx of nutrients.

Juicing Increases Fruit and Vegetable Intake

As mentioned earlier, juicing allows you to ingest more fruits and vegetables without the bulk. Almost all health advocates recommend that we consume up to eight servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but very few of us actually do. Juicing is an excellent strategy to effectively assure that one will get the daily recommended target for vegetables and fruits.

Juicing Promotes a Variety of Vegetable and Fruits

One can add a broader mix of vegetables and fruits in a diet thru juicing. Unfortunately most individuals eat the same vegetable and fruits every day. This goes against the rule of regular food rotation and even raises the odds of developing an allergy towards some food. It likewise limits the quantity of diverse phytochemicals in your diet, as each fruit and/or vegetable will offer distinctive benefits.

Juicing Aids Weight Loss

Research has shown that adults who consumed at least 8 ounces of vegetable juice lost up to 4 pounds over a period of 3 months. This is compared to losing just 1 pound in the group that followed the same diet plan but did not incorporate juicing methods. The vegetable and fruit juice drinkers likewise considerably raised their consumption of vitamin C and potassium, while lessening their total carbohydrate intake.

Juicing Boosts Your Immune System and Energy Levels

Enhance your immune system by amplifying it with concentrated amounts of phytochemicals. Raw juice also has the potential revitalize your body, which makes it vital for those aged 40 and over. You can raise your energy levels naturally by consuming an abundance of nutrients and the optimal pH balance, both of which can be achieved by juicing a combination of fruits and vegetables.

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