Healthy Eating Tips for Fitness Over 40

Looking for the latest in healthy eating tips for fitness over 40 weight loss? Check out this plan for healthy weight loss, tailored for those of us who are over 40 and have busy lives.

Weight Loss Healthy Eating Tip #1: Jump Start Your Metabolism Each Day
According to Timothy Ferriss, author of the “Four Hour Body,” you need to eat something within thirty minutes of waking each day. Why? This jumpstarts your metabolism, alerting your body to the fact that you are going to be burning some calories today and need your metabolism working full speed.

Not hungry right away? Indulge in a coffee with cream and sugar first thing in the morning to get some calories in you. Now is the time to splurge – at the beginning of your day, not at the end, like most Americans are conditioned to do. Change this one habit and you’ll change your life.

Follow up with a 20-minute jog, brisk walk (maybe with the dog?) or workout DVD. It doesn’t have to be a long workout – just enough to get your body moving and your metabolism going.

Then shower, get ready for work, and eat a healthy breakfast. Try something like homemade oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries or two eggs scrambled with lean ham and plenty of veggies just before you leave for work. The fiber and protein keep you from getting hungry and the indulgent coffee will tell your body you’re not in starvation mode.

Weight Loss Healthy Eating Tip #2: Burn Calories Throughout the Day
Snack on something small but satisfying (nuts, string cheese, celery with peanut butter – keep it to 100 calories) midmorning.

Schedule a lunch break that involves walking, whether that be a quick walk down the block to a restaurant or a walk to the parking lot and back through the building (take the longest route) before you settle in to eat. Keep your portions small and nourishing – ideally a small salad loaded with lean meat (shrimp, salmon, chicken, even lean steak) and garnished with nuts, cheese or fruit. Need something hot? Try a broth-based soup, grilled lean meat and veggies or a stir fry (nothing fried, and go light on the rice.)

If you eat out, decline offer for chips, bread or sugary drinks. We tend to think lunch should be super sized, but you really want to shoot for something around 300-500 calories. This will allow you to eat

Incorporate a late afternoon snack (similar to your midmorning snack) to keep yourself from binging at dinnertime.

Weight Loss Healthy Eating Tip #3: Amp Up the Veggie Intake
When you get home from work, stick something super healthy into the oven while you get in your last work out of the day. Roast an acorn squash (just half the squash, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast at 425 for 45 minutes) or mixed veggies and a chunk of lean beef, pork or chicken in the oven while you walk the dog, finish your workout DVD or get in 20 minutes of weight lifting. By revving up your heartbeat this last time and following up with a healthy vegetable and lean meat-based supper, you will keep your body burning maximum calories.

Weight Loss Healthy Eating Tip #4: Prepare Well For Bed
Indulge in a relaxing bath, dress for bed and relax before the television or with your family for the evening. Enjoy decaffeinated teas (ginger tea is especially good for digesting food) or a glass of red wine (low calorie and good for keeping your insulin production low) as you enjoy your evening, trusting your body is burning calories as you wind down from the day. A good night’s sleep is essential for weight loss, so you’ll want to avoid eating right before bed or eating rich food at night.

Fitness Over 40 Weight Loss Tips
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